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Brisbane quality home buliders, Imperial Homes’ expert team of builders proved its ability to adapt to change quickly and innovatively during Brisbane’s devastating floods.  “Council had originally approved a two storey development for a small vacant lot in Yeronga, which lies within the Brisbane River Flood Zone,” Imperial Homes’ director Nick Miller said.

But in January 2011, the whole block went under in the Brisbane floods.  Changes to building legislation meant that the original application was no longer able to be built.  “The Ellis residence in Yeronga would have gone under to the ground floor window  sills in the flood of 2011, if our original design had been built, “ the project’s architect John Cameron said.  

Despite the unfortunate event of the Brisbane floods, the owners elected to persevere and redesign the plan allowing Imperial Homes to build the modern Queenslander up to the new height level of 9.5 metres.  “The design we had could have been lifted by up to a metre thanks to a relaxation of the maximum height in flood affected areas, but this would have looked oddly out of proportion. The best way forward was to start again,” he said.  While the outcome was very different to the original [design] in appearance, it still delivered on the brief with some rethinking in a couple of key areas.  
“The added height of the habitable floor level now required for flood immunity meant that the previous outdoor living area to the rear was no longer feasible.  Our new approach was to make the internal living areas feel like they were outdoors so that we gained the best of both worlds.”  To ensure the ground level of the new three-storey four- bedroom home was structurally strong and water resistent (in the event of future flooding) it was piered seven metres into the ground.  

Boral Designer face blocks provided an attractive and practical alternative building material.  “The entire ground level, which houses the garage, main entry and laundry, can now be simply hosed out if required.  “There are minimal materials which can be affected by further flooding,” Imperial Home’s Director Nick said.  
“As the build nears completion all the hard work and anguish will soon fade to memories or be replaced by the here and now reality of this innovative home, born of adversity, by a family determined that their dreams would triumph,” architect John Cameron added.



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